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Apryll Pender,  also known a "A.P." is a master stylist and owner of WonderHair Inc. LLC.
Apryll was BORN ON THE WEST COAST in California but was RAISED in the south, Nashville, Tennessee to be exact! At a very early age, Apryll say's she knew her hands were blessed by GOD. In high school Apryll would spend countless hours doing hair and would have girls lining up in the cosmetology room waiting their turn.
WONDERHAIR was a dream in 2014 until she made it her reality with starting her business with only $350. Apryll was a single mother of  3 kids and with all the odds stacked against her, Apryll has now built her very own empire !
Over the years Apryll has delivered over a million hairstyles giving everyone that sits in her chair the beauty and confidence they need !
"My main goal is to make sure I create an experience with everyone that sits in my chair or buys my extension .. customer service is FIRST I built my business and brand off it!" 
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